This is the second game of the weekend for the Lions on this occasion against the Wild who are presently sitting in second spot in the Laidler Conference and actively chasing the Blackburn Eagles for that coveted top spot and promotion.


The Wild are a formidable outfit with quite a large contingent of very experienced players a number of them having moved across from the Sheffield Spartans after that team’s withdrawal from the Moralee Conference at the end of last season.

With the departure of the Wild’s Head Coach Scott Mckenzie to Deeside Dragons Ollie Barron, an ex Spartan, took up the vacant position and began recruiting and included a number of ex Spartan team mates in the Wild line up for the season. The most recent signing to the Wild came from the Blackburn Hawks as Bobby Caunce made a most welcome return to his previous team.


The Wild have to keep on winning to secure their second place as Sheffield Senators are only four points adrift of them but the Wild at the moment, hold the advantage and a game in hand.




As it stands the Laidler Conference leaders, the Blackburn Eagles have a five point advantage over the Wild so two points won in Nottingham would certainly cut into the Eagles lead. 


To be realistic unless the Blackburn team have a real downturn in form the Wild’s chase might prove a fruitless exercise but chase they must and every obstacle, including the Lions, must be overcome. 

Over the season the Wild, in many games, have outshot their opposition only to find that they have ended up on the losing side, but this ‘shots on goal’ record does prove that they are at least making the scoring opportunities, but not always achieving a positive end result.


This is the final game of the series for the regular season with one win for each team and a recent tied game up at Widnes.


With the stakes high for both teams this game has the potential to be end to end and a real crowd pleaser but who will be the most pleased at the final hooter is anyone’s guess?


Face off at The National Ice Centre 7.30pm

Sunday, 19 February 2017.