For the second time this season the Bradford Bulldogs pay the Lions a visit here in Nottingham having already met back in October when the Lions got the win by 4-0.


As in the past the Bulldogs are a difficult team to break down and play a solid physical game but the Lions managed to score 2 goals in each of the first two periods before the Bulldogs closed the door in the third thus achieving a very creditable 0-0 final period.


This season overall has proved tough for the Bradford outfit who have languished at the wrong end of the conference table but they have taken out two of the top four teams to date earning them their present four point total for the season.


The Altrincham Aces had lost out to the ‘Dogs’ when they travelled the short distance to  Bradford but what probably has to be the biggest win and shock of the season occurred early in December when second placed Sheffield Senators paid the ‘Dogs’ a call.


The Senators had taken some big games and looked to be really on a roll when they came up against the very lowly, conference position wise, Bradford Bulldogs and theSheffield team came royally unstuck as the ‘Dogs’ took the first two periods racking up 8 goals to the Senators 2. It was only in the third and way too late that the Senators snatched a 2-1winning period but by thenthey had gone down by a 9-4 scoreline.




The Senators had already played the ‘Dogs’ on the big ice at Sheffield and on both occasions the home side scored 12 goals. In their first meeting with the Senators the Bradford team showed the fight that they are renowned for as they did score 7 goals in reply, in the second game the ‘Dogs’ could only manage 3 goals.


One will never know what the Senators game plan was when preparing the team to play on Bradford’s smaller ice pad,but one thing is absolutely certain, that whatever plan they had it went terribly wrong on the night.


The Bradford Bulldogs cannot be taken lightly as they can, and do score goals if given sufficient opportunities and the Lions will need to play it tight at the back whilst being clinical in their attack.


Having had a set back last Saturday up at Widnes the Lions will be looking to get back on track. The goal will be to finish the year with a positive result at home and move up the conference table.


Panthers fans will be very welcome at the Lions v Bulldogs game.  Face off tonight is 7.30pm.

Sunday, 18 December 2016.