The Lions are on the road once again after a welcome one weekend break for the team and the coaches. On this occasion the Lions travel to meet the Blackburn Eagles who presently sit in fourth place whilst the Lions occupy the third place slot in the Laidler Conference.


The Eagles have visited Nottingham twice during the season grabbing a narrow 2-3 win and then losing out in an exciting 6-5 game. Blackburn are definitely looking to unseat the Lions from that third place position as this would mean missing the play off semi final clash against the Deeside Dragons. For the Eagles the Dragons have proved a real problem havinginflicted crushing defeats in 3 of their four meetings. The tied 5-5 game at Blackburn was the one bright light in an otherwise poor set of results against the now Laidler Conference Champions. Second placed Widnes Wild also proved a bit of a handful for the Eagles where again they lost out in three of their four meetings this season. The Eagles did finally beat the Wild in Blackburn last weekend but drafted in a couple of players from the present front runners in the Moralee Conference the Blackburn Hawks to help them out. Whether or not the fear of meeting the Dragons in the play offs assisted their decision to bring in playersone will never know but trailing the Lions by only a couple of points may have aided them in their decision making? The Lions have another meeting with the Eagles before the close of the season.


Considering the differences in the results that the Lions have achieved against the Conference leaders they have sometimes struggled a bit against certain teams of which the Eagles are one such team.

It will be interesting to see who might be brought into the home team’s squadthis weekend because as it stands, over the season, the Blackburn team have managed quite well with their usual line up as the results between both the Lions and the Eagles have been close. There should be no reason to draft in other players but, perhaps these are desperate times calling for desperate measures to ensure avoiding a particular team at play off time?


A difficult game to predict, but hopefully a good solid performance is achieved by the Lions.


The last game here in Nottingham saw a determined Bradford Bulldogs make a real game of it whilst icing a quite short bench. Teams such as the ‘Dogs’,with absolutely nothing to lose, can really make a team sweat a bit at times, and their work rate cannot be understated. The Lions provided a purely workman like performance and took the game 3-0 with Tom Hovell securing the shut out, and man of the match.

Face off in Blackburn is at 5.45pm.

Sunday, 06 March 2016.