The Lions pay their first visit of the season to the home of the Bulldogs in what could prove a very challenging game following the Christmas break.

The ‘Dogs’ have paid two visits to Nottingham this season with the home team winning both encounters 4-0 and 9-4 respectively.

On the road the ‘Dogs’ have proved a quite formidable outfit although many of their results might not appear to reflect this fact. On delving a little deeper it is noticeable the number of games where they have travelled with a short bench and this may have contributed to their present position in the conference?

Bradford always put out quite feisty team with a real eagerness that can, on occasions, place their opposition very much on the back foot. This indeed possibly led to their biggest success of the season when they put the bite on the visiting second placed Sheffield Senators sending them home licking their wounds following a humiliating 9-4 mauling.

Big Ben Blackburn

On the ‘Dogs’ last visit to Nottingham, again short benched, they set about the Lions and raced to a 1-3 lead which thankfully proved to be short lived as the home side gradually wore down their opponents with the game ending 9-4. Playing all out for 60 mins with a short bench obviously took it’s toll physically but the situation was made worse for the ‘Dogs’ as a Bradford player was despatched for an early bath following an incident that left Lions Assistant Captain, Ben Wood, with a cut to his face.

On the smaller ice pad the ‘Dogs’ do have the advantage over their opponents who are used to playing on the larger ice pads and who must quickly adapt to the lack of space and time on the puck. The Lions have played teams such as Altrincham Aces and managed to adjust to the limitations set before them and have shown that they have the ability to carve out a positive result.

As in the past the ‘Dogs’ will fight all the way to the final hooter with no let up and the Lions will need to meet that with a solid workmanlike performance as no less will do.  Face off tonight is at 5.00pm.

Saturday, 07 January 2017.