The Lions head off on their final away trip and their penultimate game of the 2016/17 season. To date the Lions are in the ascendancy in games against the ‘Dogs’ with three games played and three wins in the bag.


With such a record one might expect that this game could be considered a formality for the Lions but during the season the ‘Dogs’ have brought down supposed stronger teams such as Altrincham Aces and the Sheffield Senators. This in itself is solid proof that the ‘Dog’s are by no means a push over and any visiting team taking them for granted certainly will do so at their peril.


The Bradford rink is a tough place to get results, and taking the maximum points back home without facing a real battle is very rare on their ice.


The Lions have to go there forgetting their previous wins but remembering the tactics used by their opposition and countering anything that comes their way on the night.


The Lions are more than capable of taking the fourth win and with points definitely needed to keep a certain amount of pressure on the Altrincham Aces as both battle it out for the final play off spot.




The Lions could not have wished for a better warm up game than their recent very welcome home win against the Coventry Blaze NIHL. Three solid periods of hockey with period scores 3-0/3-0/4-0 for a final 10-0 scoreline. 


A good spread of points with Daniel Hazeldine, Paul Stanley, Ben Wood, Joseph Gretton, Joe Humphries, Ondrej Pniok, Jamie Hovell, Elliot Perrin, Luke Thomas, Adam Andrews, and Luke Smith all on the score sheet. This result was definitely built on a great team performance with Ben Wood voted man of the match.


Face Off at Bradford 5.00pm

Saturday, 11 March 2017.