After the Lions’ championship winning heroics last weekend – James Morton caught up with netminder Sam Gospel to get his thoughs on the season so far:


Q: After the disappointment of last season, how pleasing was it clinching the title on Sunday?

A: It was very pleasing winning the title this year, I found it more impressive that its only taken a year.

Q: With a lot of star performances, including five shut-outs, from you this season would you say this year has been a huge success for you?

A: I’d say this year has been a success, because I’ve been able to play consistently throughout the season and played well at important times.

Q: How has head coach Matt Bradbury transformed the team and the moral this season?

A: Matt has given players confidence by giving them plenty of ice time for them to develop their game skills, throughout the year he has kept the moral high by taking the positives from each game and taking them into the next game.

Q: Has bringing in a new captain in Luke Thomas been a catalyst in the teams turnaround this season?

A: Bringing in a new captain, in the form of Luke has helped us this year, because he’s a guy that knows the league, he’s got a lot of experience, and he knows when to say the right things.

Q: Has the return of Alan Levers towards the end of the season helped spur you on in recent performances?

A: With bringing in Alan, to me it has created some friendly competition, I played with Alan last year so we get along really well, and he’s someone I can learn from.

Q: Do you feel the teams’ solidarity has been key to this seasons success?

A: In our team we have a great bunch of guys, we are a young team with some very experienced players, so I think that is a winning combination.

You can see Sam and the rest of the title-winning Lions in action on Sunday evening as they host Fylde Flyers at the National Ice Centre (7.15pm face off). Ticket details are available here.

Saturday, 16 March 2013.