Hull Jets 2 Nottingham Lions 2

Sunday 5 September 2015. Hull Ice Arena

The Lions kick started their 2015/16 Ice Hockey season with a 2.2 draw. The match saw impressive goals all round, with both teams determined to get their season off to a good start.
The Lions were first to get on the score sheet with a last minute goal in the first period. Conner Glossop powered the puck into the net with assists from Hamish Hall and Ben Wood.

Fight erupts

The celebrations didn't last long. The second period began with a rough start. Nottingham's Robert Perks locked horns with Hull's Jordan Fisher. The fight escalated with Elliot Perrin and James Maughen joining the brawl. All combatants received time in the penalty box for 2 minutes.

The resulting power-play saw the Jets equalise with Declan Pearson blasting the puck past Lions Netminder!

Debut goal

This was just the wake-up call Lions needed as they began to dominate the rest of the period. But play was interrupted with the net coming off its moorings. As play resumed the Lions eventually broke the deadlock with a debut goal from Ondrej Pniok.

The third period started with a Hull power play. The Lions weren't able to resist Hull's extra player and let in an easy tap-in goal from Keiron Beach. Unfazed, the Lions continued to fire shots on goal but were unable to take the lead. Thus settling for a draw in first game of the season.

Monday, 07 September 2015.
Martyn Hayes & Rebecca Guest