Nottingham Lions 5 : 2 Bradford Bulldogs

National Ice Centre, Nottingham

The Nottingham Lions have hit the ice running in their first home game of the 2015/16 Hockey season! In aggressive form, the Lions wowed the home crowd with relentless attacking. The match also saw a hat-trick from Robert Perks.

The home team dominated the Bulldogs in the first period. Shot after shot was fired on the away net. After 5 minutes Perks scored his first goal with an assist from Pniok. Within minutes Perks found the net again with an assist from Kasprzak.

Injured ref

Play was temporarily paused due to an injury to a referee. Match official, Ormand collided with the Lion's number 2 which resulted in a bloody nose. This served as some respite and team talk for both teams.

With play resumed the Lions continued on attacking form. The Bulldogs showed sloppy defending and were soon punished by an easy goal. Humphries picked up a miss timed pass and assisted Kasprzak in getting on the score sheet.

First minute goal in second period

Buoyed by their first period success, the Lions started the second period in style! Ondej Pniok netted a first minute goal.

Tempers soon flared between the teams and a fight nearly broke out near the Bulldogs goal. The Lions had one player serving time in the penalty box. The Bulldogs took advantage of the powerplay but still couldn't find a place on the score sheet.

Heated words and spats of pushing and shoving were shared frequently. Tensions were felt and Robert Perks was sent to the sin bin for misconduct.

Hatrick for Perks!

The third period started with an early 5th goal. But this wasn't enough to defeat the Bulldog's fighting spirit. A fight broke out with Kasprzak charging into the net-minder. The Bulldog's 74 came to his rescue and pinned Kasprzak to the plexi-glass.

With Kasprzak serving time in the box, the Bulldogs secured a goal on the power-play. When the penalty kill was over the Lions were back to their natural strength. The Bulldogs worried the home defence but Perks added the 6th goal on the breakaway! The senior player's hat-trick was inevitable as he played outstanding! The game ended with the Bulldog's scoring a second consolation.


Monday, 14 September 2015.