Nottingham Lions squeezed past Blackburn Eagles 6-5 on Sunday night at the National Ice Centre maintaining their position top of the table.  It was tables turned on the last outing as the Eagles beat the Lions 2-3.

"Sometimes no matter how you get the points its about grinding out a victory and many of the youngsters will not be used to that, so it was another big learning curve as part of their journey this season." 

"Tonight we had a great first period, we were too casual in the second and then we stepped on the gas outshooting our opponents almost 4 to 1 (22-6) in the final period and did a job."

"We showed a different side to our game tonight and had to scrap this one out and maintain our composure when things weren't going our way."

"But all in all I think we deserved the victory to maintain our good run of form - the sign of a good team is when some players are not playing well - and they know who they are as we were very open about that, It's key that someone else steps up to the plate to carry the can and we have players throughout the team that offer that support to one another."

Match report to follow...... 



Monday, 12 October 2015.