Jamie Hovell is the latest Nottingham Lions defenceman to return for another season at the National Ice Centre and once again, he will be joining his younger brother and recently re-signed goalie Tom Hovell for the upcoming 2014/15 Laidler D2 campaign.


The 23 year-old is the latest addition to the lions D-core. After his first two seasons with the Lions, the defenceman has become an established defensive presence and has played a crucial role throughout his time at the NIC, bringing consistency to the Nottingham blue line.

Jamie took the time to talk to nottinghamlions.co.uk and began by summing up his first two seasons:

"My first season in 2012/13 had it’s ups and downs - on one side I was part of a very solid defensive line-up that led us to an impressive league title, on the other, I had to try and find my feet again after spending a few years away from regular team hockey - I would have liked to play a larger role in the championship season, but after coming into the team expecting more of an offensive position, it took me time to rebuild my confidence in my defensive duties and remove mistakes from my game."

"Being a member of the defensive corps that held the potent offense of the Barons all the way to penalty shots was a proud moment last season, especially seeing the respect we gained as a team from the league winners and their notoriously passionate fans - It’s a shame we didn’t win, but that was a career highlight for sure!"

With two exciting campaigns under his belt, the young but experienced defenceman knows what has to be done in 2014/15:

"I'm looking to be able to shoulder the responsibility of being a more prominent member of the Lions defence and prove to the coaches that they can rely on me and I intend to focus a lot on personal fitness so I can play more of a physical game for my team."

Jamie also knows that there is more to being part of the Lions pride than just playing hockey:

"Many of the guys I have known for years, so it’s always good to get back into the team - throughout the season you spend a lot of the time together, whether it be long road games, training sessions or team nights out - people come and go but throughout the season you go through some serious highs and lows together."


Head coach Matt Bradbury had plenty to say of his latest defensive addition:

"It's good to see Jamie back for another season with the team - he's improved each year and there is still plenty more for Jamie to go at and he can get even better."

"What I like about Jamie is that he comes to do his best every time he steps on the ice - he's still young and I feel he's enthusiastic for the game - whilst not one of the biggest players he makes up for that with his work rate and fitness level."

With plenty more signings to come over the next two weeks, keep checking nottinghamlions.co.uk to ensure you are up to date with all the latest news as 2014/15 pre-season build-up reaches its exciting finale.

Sunday, 17 August 2014.
Nathan Charlish - Lions Media Team